…you think the streetlights of Lookout look like the GPS map of search points

…you think the tree frogs outside the bedroom window sound like a radio transmittor signal.

…feel like you forgot to put on pants if you leave the house after 6.30 and don’t have a head torch.

…take lounging on the beach on a wednesday for granted, but feel like you are cutting class if you’re watching television at 9 PM on a week night.

…start getting your pronouns mixed up. What’s the need for I, her, him anyway?

…you actually think of frogs when you hear the word “chicken”.

…don’t really notice the ten goats walking around you in the road.

…get excited when they have fresh milk in the shop on the same day that you’re out.

…you know it’s spring because you can se whales from the balcony.

…you have an obsession with charged batteries.

…you talk  in code like you’re a Russian spy. “542 is moving” “007 is next”

…you keep dead frogs in the fridge.

… you go to work and come home with 75 bananas.

….you’re climbing boulders in a moon lit fairytale land  and almost, almost get blasé over it.

…you automatically check if every new shop you walk into might sell disposable gloves.

…you feel like you’re too blessed to be stressed =)

By Jenny Liman, Volunteer

Montserrat Moon ©Ben Baker


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