The Mountain Chicken Team prepare to take part in the international ‘Save the Frogs Day’ organised by a US charity called ‘Save the Frogs’. Events are taking place in 30 different countries around the world in an effort to raise awareness of the fight that many amphibian species are facing.

Save the Frogs day- 28th April 2012
Montserrat Mountain Chicken Project Flier

Here in Montserrat the volunteers have been busy with their sketch pads creating a wonderfully engaging display in the public library to educate the Montserratian general public about the fantastic diveristy of frogs. The field team will also be talking on the radio live on Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock (tune in at about how the mountain chicken fits in with the plights of the rest of the world’s frogs.

The week will end with a presentation by Project Coordinator, Sarah-Louise Smith, along with Project Volunteer, Nadine Wohl, which will capture many intriguing photographs and videos about this diverse group and what we can do to help save them.

Please help us support not only the mountain chicken, but frogs around the world as they need our help!

By Sarah-Louise Smith, Project Coordinator


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