The Project

Vision and Goal of Partnership

Mountain chicken froglet with its mother
Mountain chicken froglet and mother during the captive-breeding programme. ©Gerardo Garcia

The Mountain Chicken Recovery Programme is guided by Long-term recovery strategy 2014-2034, which sets out a clear vision and goal for the programme across Montserrat and Dominica. These are:


“To have healthy populations of mountain chickens as a flagship species for the islands’ national and cultural heritage.”


“There are healthy mountain chicken populations across their former year-2000 ranges on each of Montserrat and Dominica by 2034.”


To achieve this goal a group of organisations have come together to lead conservation efforts on the ground in each island, manage a captive breeding and reintroduction programme and generate the necessary knowledge through research that will help us understand better the ecology and management of chytrid to ensure that mountain chickens can persist in the wild.

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