Role: 2 x Mountain Chicken Project Officer
Location: Montserrat
Salary: Dependent on experience & qualifications
Hours: Full Time
Contract: Fixed Term – 2 years and 6 months from signing with possibility of extension

As part of a new Darwin Funded initiative the Mountain Chicken Recovery Programme (MCRP) is seeking two enthusiastic aspiring or early-career conservation biologists to join the team. The successful applicants will have high self-motivation, a passion for nature and will be willing to challenge themselves in this inter-disciplinary role.

The project is a collaborative effort between international zoos, universities, conservation NGOs and the governments of Montserrat and Dominica to conserve the Critically Endangered mountain chicken frog found only on the two islands. The MRCP is recognised as one of the world leading initiatives to counteract the deadly fungal disease chytridiomycosis, which has been described as the worst infectious disease threat to vertebrates.

As of July 2019 the project has been successful in reintroducing and maintaining a semi-wild population of healthy adult mountain chickens in the presence of this disease. This is a world first, which aims to encourage and develop the understanding of the mechanisms through which tolerance to the fungus can be achieved, with the ultimate aim of re-establishing healthy wild populations of this endemic apex predator to Montserrat.

At this stage in the project we are looking to develop and train young local conservationists who, by the end of the contract, will be capable of managing, leading and taking active roles in environmental conservation projects on island. Hired through the Montserrat National Trust, your time will be split between the MCRP and the Department of Environment. Whilst working with the partners you will be focusing on science-led conservation interventions, monitoring, process development, community engagement and project management, whilst also developing essential practical skills in areas of forestry management and species monitoring relevant to working on Montserrat. As such, you must be motivated to engage in both intense fieldwork and desk-based study.

The roles advertised offer bespoke, targeted training opportunities to the successful candidates. Because of this it is essential for candidates to be passionate and driven to work in the wildlife conservation sector on Montserrat, and that they possess academic aptitude and a positive attituded towards the learning and personal development that will be required of the role.

The full Application Pack detailing the role can be seen here: (Mountain Chicken Project Officer – Application Pack)

Applications should be submitted electronically to:

 Please mark your application as ‘Mountain Chicken Project Officer Application

The closing date for Applications is Friday 28th August 2020.

In your email please include a personal statement (not more than 300 words) which provides an insight into your career goals and aspirations, and the mutual benefits you hope will be achieved by joining



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