For those of you who are not in Montserrat to roam the streets to view our handsome Mountain Chicken Poster then here it is! Mountain Chicken Project Poster (click the link to download)

Mountain Chicken Poster

The poster has been produced by the Mountain Chicken Project and will soon pepper Montserrat’s public places in an effort to enhance the profile of the species locally and remind people not only why the mountain chicken is a unique species worth saving but also what it looks like. Project staff often get asked the question why are we trying the save the mountain chicken when there seem to be loads littering the streets of Montserrat. And the answer is that people are mistaking the invasive cane toad (Rhinella marina) as the being the mountain chicken. The cane toad, introduced to Montserrat years ago as a method of biological control to protect the sugar cane crops from the destructive cane beetle, are now abundant in Montserrat and are even seen in peoples houses eating the cat food. We wanted to remind local people and introduce island visitors to what the mountain chicken looks like and to the beauty of the animal we are all working so hard to save.

By Sarah-Louise Smith, Project Coordinator


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