To compliment our poster and to help spread the word even further the project has produced this information leaflet about mountain chickens and the effects of chytrid.

Mountain Chicken Project Leaflet (click here to download a printable version).

MC leaflet Web version (click here for a readable version).

Mountain Chicken Project Leaflet

This leaflet is double sided with tons of information about chytrid, the effects of the disease it causes is having on amphibians worldwide and the impacts this is also having on the mountain chickens.

The 7-panel leaflet folds out to an 11 by 17 inch poster that briefly describes the frog’s habitat and its preferred dietary habits and includes a picture of a healthy Mountain Chicken, showing its moist textured skin, colour and distinctive markings on its hind legs. The leaflet also explains how frogs benefit mankind through insect control, and the benefits of frogs to scientific research.

A set of pictorial inlays and text briefly describe the devastating impact the chytrid fungus is having on the species and the signs and symptoms of the fungus including the dry, red appearance of the skin, ulcers on the toes and the discolouration of the eyes.

The leaflet also mentions the scientific research taking place on Montserrat and how this research will contribute to the management of the frog on Montserrat and Dominica.

We hope you enjoy.

By Sarah-Louise, Project Coordinator


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