The frogs released in January have been really shy since Blanca and I arrived. When going out to survey other areas for surviving wild mountain chicken we’ve been welcomed by the calling of handsome proud males. But in Sweetwater we were met by nothing but silence. Where were they? Night after night, week after week we trodded down the path, listening into the darkness and staring in vain for that red shine of their retinas. It became the number one topic in the car every time on the way out. Where are those frogs?! “They’ve gone high because of the rain,” said someone supposed to being in the know. “They’re hiding in their burrows under ground because of the rain,” said another. “They’re around but somewhere else” said a third, more philosophical soul.

But good things come to those who keep asking it seems, because one evening at last we heard what we so long had been straining our ears for. Already getting out of the truck the song was strong and clear! Let’s go, let’s go!! Blacka was practically levitating from his spot while waiting for everyone to tie their bootlaces. And yes, there he was! A healthy male frog from the release group, singing his heart out just a few minutes from the parking spot! Maybe our luck would now change and the frogs decide to come out from their hidings up high, in their burrows and somewhere else.

Frog team at work ©S-L Smith

Well, I guess at this point the title of this post serves as a spoiler alert… Because up until now it’s been all about the boys making all the noise and getting all the attention.

I’d say it’s common knowledge dudes usually prance and boast the most when there’s a lady around. And since the ladies don’t make that much of a racket, they are not as easily found. But finally we did!! Or, shall I say, Lloydie did.

Lady 7504 being measured and admired ©S-L Smith

Beautiful 7504 back from wherever she’s been and she is in mint condition. When writing this, we’ve seen her four times and she is always in the same small area. As a matter of fact, by the judgement of her behaviour we hope and guess she’s got little tadpoles in her burrow…

-Jenny Liman


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