Mysterious frogs ©SL Smith

Strange things seem to hapen in the forest after we leave. Not everything that happens in the frog community is understood by mankind, not even if you’re part of the Mountain Chicken Team…

120 and 110 were two happy frogs that always used to hang out with each other. When 120 decided to hop down to the ghaut, 110 followed. When 120 moved into a nice burrow on the West Bank, 110 paid the rent for the one next door (or maybe I should say next hole). Then one night something happened. They were both gone! Convinced they had gone off on adventure together we kept searching, but no sign of the friends. Where had they gone?

After a couple of days, the beep of 120’s transmitter started to fill the air again. But it wouldn’t let us find 120. Every time we ended up face to face with: frog 542. The micro chip was clear, this was not 120! Still, as 542 hopped away the signal of 120 followed…

A week after the initail disappearing 110 was found again. Way up the East Ghaut, far from any place he had ever been before. He seemed OK, but wouldn’t tell us what had happened to 120 or why they were no longer together.

Why did 110 suddenly decide to elope to the far horizons of Sweetwater? Where is 120? And is 542 really innocent, or does she carry a dark secret? Hopefully, time will solve the mystery.


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