The project has had a busy week this week with Montserrat Science Week. Originally set up by the Montserrat Volcano observatory to outreach to local Montserratians about the active volcano this week has evolved to include all aspects of science including terrestial and marine biology and of course the famous mountain chicken.

Funky Frogs and their fight for survival presentation ©Sonja Meleander

So the team has been busy this week setting up library displays, giving radio interviews and evening presentations and spreading the word about amphibian conservation across the world.

Teaching about Toads ©Luke Harding

The week ended on a high with a fun day for the children where the team took along some of the local invasive cane toads to demonstrate how amphibians can be swabbed to test for the chytrid fungus. A foot bath was also set up to explain all about bisecurity proceedures and raise awareness of the ever present chytrid fungus in Montserrat. Thanks to the MVO staff, especially Sonja for their help in raising awareness of this week and helping make it such a success. Montserrat was buzzing with science by the end.

By Sarah-Louise Adams, Project Coordinator


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