Yes!! The new volunteers are here! Full of energy and excitement, they are easily recognized by their wide eyes and pale skin (well, as this is written they have already turned from ghostly European to a nice golden Caribbean tan).

Volunteer - Jenny Liman ©S-L Smith

Jenny is from Sweden and is more used to slightly larger animals. Before coming to Montserrat she was working as a junior surgeon at the horse clinic of the Univeristy Hospital in Uppsala, Sweden. But veterinary medicine includes all creatures great and small and within hours of meeting the tree frogs on Montserrat she was deeply in love with the charming amphibians of the Caribbean. Whenever given the possibility she brings out her camera to make pictures of everything and everyone and if you’re lucky she might tell you a story about life as a horse vet, or one of her trips to another paradise; New Zealand.

Volunteer- Blanca Baranda © S-L Smith

Blanca is from Spain and has a degree in veterinary medicine as well, although her aim is at the surgery of small animals (or smelly animals, as horse vets like to refer to them) like cats and dogs. Before coming to Montserrat, Blanca had already been hanging out with the Mountain Chicken as an intern at Durrell in Jersey. Soon dubbed the Mango Hunter, Blanca truly knows that the best things in life are free and never cease to be amazed by all the wonderful fruits of the forest. If there is a plant or a tree with a berry on it, Blanca will find out what it is and how it tastes.

So, mosquitoes of Montserrat sharpen your weapons! Because there will be fresh blood wandering the forest at night and since all focus will be on where to plant their feet, these girls will be an easy target for you.

-Jenny Liman


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