In this blog I (Payana) am going to ignore the frogs. Yes that is right, no frogs. I am going to focus on the other things that happen in the forest at night.

Forest bananas being collected
Izzy comes back with the 'mother load' after going banana hunting. ©Isabel Jones

I’d better start with admitting the fact that I am quite addicted to food (well I guess everyone is, but my addiction seems a bit more intense). I especially have a thing for

cakes, which luckily other people do too in particular Blacka and Izzy. This quite often results in one (or all of us) bringing cake out into the forest. In general I will not enter the forest without some sort of food item with me – mostly to ensure the wellbeing of my colleagues, as they would not want to be near me if I get hungry…it might put me in a “Dane Rage”.

Making banana pancakes
Payana makes banana pancakes. ©Isabel Jones

Anyway, in order to make the cakes, you need ingredients and luckily the forest is good at supplying these. Every so often we will cut down a banana tree and bring home bananas covered in fruit juice, with aching muscles out of the forest on steep paths – but it is worth it. Other days we will smash open coconuts with big rocks (turns your arms into jelly butgood fun) and then again on other nights we will bring out unidentified fruit (well at least according to me – Blacka seems to know what they are). Back home we then need to be creative and use all the fruit, which has resulted in many many weird but tasty creations with bananas. Mmm lovely. The forest rocks.

– Payana Hendriksen


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