It’s been four amazing months here on Montserrat for me and my fellow volunteer Blanca. The adventures have been countless and could possibly only be outnumbered by the good laughs. We have spent many nightly hours scrambling through the mud of the forest, listening out for calling males and gazing into the dark in search of that lustrous red eye shine. We have swabbed hundreds of tree frog bellies and hundreds of cane toad toes. We learned how to drive the roads of Montserrat communicating with lights and horn. We got addicted to the fruits of the forest and Nadine’s chicken on fridays. We saw turtles being born. We huddled around bonfires on the beach at night. We made good friends to remember for life. We have been wet, we have been dirty and smelly, we have been stung by wasps and millions of mosquitoes, but most of all we have been incredibly lucky to get this opportunity to contribute to the conservation of the mountain chicken here on Montserrat.

So now we all dry a tear and pack our things to return to Europe where we will stuff our faces with Christmas food and tell everyone we meet about our magical adventures on a little island far away called Montserrat…

Bye bye Bottomless ©J Liman

-Jenny Liman


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