Steffon after catching his first mountain chicken - ©Sarah-Louise Smith

Over the last month, as promised, the project staff and forestry team have been spending plenty of time in the forest continuing our fight to save the Critically Endangered mountain chicken (remember, it’s a frog, not a chicken!). We have a new member of the team with us, Steffon, who is learning the ways of the forestry staff as an intern for the next six months, and part of that work is to learn about frogs. Steffon has been doing everything from spotting, catching, swabbing, weighing, measuring, recording and learning to work in the forest, at night, in the rain.

We are very lucky in Montserrat to have access to so many people that have so much knowledge about the forest and its wildlife. Without the help of people like Blacka, Lloydie, Scriber, Mappai and the rest of the forestry team we would not be able to conduct our research so effectively in this very mountainous terrain.  It is so important then that we ensure more young people are learning these skills and that they do not disappear for future generations. That is why a big part of all projects such as these is building local capacity and offering training and support to the local staff and to young, up and coming future conservationists like Steffon, to ensure that the precious mountain chicken, along with all other flora and fauna on Montserrat, is protected for years to come.

Sarah-Louise Smith (Project Coordinator)


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