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From Ashes to Insects: Converting a dilapidated volcano shelter into an insect breeding facility.

July was a busy month for the project!  Not only did it see the arrival of the first Durrell representative in Montserrat for 2 years and the initiation of the first phase of the...

New member of the team: Luke Jones, Research Assistant.

I must admit I feel as though I have been remiss; I've been in Montserrat working on the Mountain Chicken Recovery Programme for a month now and haven't yet taken the time to tell...

Picking up the baton….time to run!!

The Mountain Chicken Recovery Programme may have been quiet on the blog front for the last two years or so, but let me assure you Durrell and the MCRP have been busy plotting and...

Nordens Ark: The Newest Member of the Group

In 2014 Nordens Ark became the newest partner in the mountain chicken project, and hope to assist in the restoration of self-sustaining, viable populations of the mountain chicken through breeding captive individuals and later...

Montserrat mountain chicken translocation blog part 5

Follow up monitoring  Moving the two frogs together, whilst the most important component, was just the first stage. As nothing like this had been done on this level with amphibians before we did not...

Montserrat mountain chicken translocation blog part 4

Sunday success Fortunately we did not have to progress those thoughts as on Sunday 26 June eleven days after I had arrived and the first day all of us - myself, Luke and Katy from...

Montserrat mountain chicken translocation blog part 3

Trekking into Fairy Walk and tracking down our frog.  On paper the plan was quite simple. Go out to Fairy Walk. Find the female frog. Move her down to the male’s location. Do regular post-move...

Montserrat mountain chicken translocation blog part 2.

First thing’s first - finding the frogs This translocation was initially planned to take place in 2015. However, that year saw Montserrat along with the rest of the Caribbean experience the worst period o f drought...

Montserrat mountain chicken translocation blog part 1

  As many people reading this will have have seen from the article published on the Guardian website we were successful in our mission to unite the two remaining wild mountain chicken frogs on Montserrat....

Treefrog nights!

Machel Sulton from the Dominica Mountain Chicken Team lets us in on the nights out spent catching treefrogs for the project. The impact of climate change is evident as this year’s weather pattern has been...